Videos. Listen to the Eyewitnesses

Listen to some of the eye witnesses from the Cold War period on the attached videos. They can deliver important information about the history and the valuable historical sites. >>

Article. Protection of GULAG Camps and other Memorials

“From the 1920s to the 1950s alone, there existed, in the USSR, no less than 15-17,000 sites where people were deprived of their freedom”. >> Arseny Roginsky, Russia. President of the human right organization MEMORIAL >>

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History of the cold war period

The cold war period ended around 20 years ago. It means people up to tha age of 30 do not have any clear recollection of the living conditions og the cold political realities of the period >>

About the Baltic Initiative and Network

The main task of the Baltic Initiative is to strengthen the mutual understanding between the contries around the Baltic Sea through exchange of information about the Cold War period. >>