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The East Germany Communist society (DDR). The Stasi (Statssicherheit or State Security). The East German trial justice and prison system.


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“Entlassungschein” means a release paper to go from East to West Germany. West Germany bought many political prisoners their freedom in this way. Burkhard Seeberg left East Germany by bus, along with 44 other prisoners. Before their release, they were brought together in a special Stasi prison in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now called Chemnitz. Their release was reminiscent of the well-known "agent exchanges" that used to take place on Glienitzer Brücke in Berlin.
Photo from East Germany. The girl on Burkhard Seeberg’s left side was his girlfriend. She left East Germany six weeks earlier than Burkhard, when West Germany bought her free. They married in March 1981.
Thank you letter from the Stasi (East German State Security) to the Hungarian authorities following the arrest and extradition of Burkhard Seeberg in 1979. The letter is signed by Erik Mielke (1907-2000), Minister of State Security from 1957 to 1989. He was a hard-line Stalinist with the rank of Army General. In 1993, he was convicted of the murders of two police officers back in 1931.
Copy of the thank you letter in Russian sent for information to the KGB head office in Moscow.

Burkhard Seeberg (born 1954 in Münster) was a member of the German Communist Party (DKP) in the Federal Republic of Germany. As a student, he met his girlfriend in East Berlin in 1973. She was working for the East German youth movement, Free German Youth (FDJ).

In August 1979, he was arrested in Budapest (Hungary) when his girlfriend wanted to travel to West Germany on a false passport. East Germany sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment for "staatsfeindlichem human trafficking".

In September 1980, the Federal Republic released him, having spent seven months in prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen and six months in prison in Bautzen II.

Burkhard Seeberg today lives in Münster.